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Magento 2 demo, the benefits of a test drive - Posted 8th July 2019

Our Magento 2 demo is an ideal way to try before you buy, something as an online retailer I am sure you are familiar with. We beleive that our Liquidshop 3 solution, which covers outstanding Magento support ontop of an industry lading Magento 2 ecommerce platform will blow you away, find out why here... [ read more.. ]


We compared Magento 1 with Magento 2, this is what we found - Posted 1st July 2019

Magento ecommerce has been around since initial launch in 2007, and has become a leading platform for ecommerce. It was recently announced that Magento 1 was going to be phased out with support ending in June 2020. With the latest version Magento 2 becoming the platform of the future with claims of unmatched speed that is reported to increase basket conversions and improve the user experience. [ read more.. ]