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A Marketing Company in Somerset

At Sitemakers Ltd, we have built a reputation for providing high quality ecommerce design and support based around our Ecommerce solution Liquidshop, built upon the Mangento 2 platform. The way we implement this has proved to be both stable and reliable, ensuring our ecommerce retail clients experience the highest level of uptime and quality support. Making us a leading ecommerce provider in the South West and a reason why we have retained clients for many years.


With a new decade upon us, we wanted to expand upon the services we provide and in some ways revisit how it all started. We have created a new sub brand called Loudworks, which provides targeted marketing solutions for Somerset businesses and retailers across the UK.


Within Loudworks we are able to provide marketing services that feed off our expertise and skills. In the past we have provided marketing services in the form of design for print, PPC advertising, SEO and general marketing. But we wanted to look at ways that the new marketing services we offer give real value.


So we decided upon hyper targeted marketing strategies. This is better explained via our new Loudworks website, but the basic principle is to take a very specific product or services and makers this to a very focused audience. Unlike more general marketing strategies, which can often be trying to do ‘too much’. Hyper targeted campaigns allow you to assign specific budgets, analyse and assess its’ success and make more informed decisions. Smaller campaigns are also more fluid so can be more easily adapted and changed through the campaign life.


For more information, head on over to our Loudworks website, and get in touch, a chat costs nothing.


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