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Why you should be considering a Magento upgrade now.

Magento is without doubt amongst one of the top, most popular ecommerce platforms in the world. With Magento having a reported 250,000 live websites, currently the largest percentage of which are Magento 1 websites. As Magento 2 is still relatively new, it is taking time for retailers to migrate and adopt the new platform.


Magento 1 provided an amazing array of features, almost too many if we’re honest, plus it was super easy to customise and add bolt-on extensions to give you great customisation over your website. But this all came at a cost, namely the loading speed of the website could be slow depending on how many extensions there are and how these are configured, plus the code was becoming dated and bloated. It was time for a change and so Magneto set to work on Magento 2 several years ago, to build it form the ground up so that it could make better use of newer versions of PHP and other technologies.


So why should you be considering a Magento upgrade from version 1 to 2 ?

Whilst there is a long, long list of updates from Magento 1 to Magento 2, I have focused on giving an overview of just an initial top 5 compelling reasons why it is time to do a Magento Upgrade.


1. Customer focused Checkout
2. Speed improvement
3. Admin area
4. Enhanced extensions
5. Responsive

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1. Customer Focused Checkout with a Magento upgrade

With a Magento upgrade from version 1 to version 2, the checkout process is more straight forward and easier to understand. With less clicks to complete a checkout, your customers will have less reasons to abandon their basket. If customers browse products without creating an account or logging in, they will get redirected to the guest checkout screen where they can enter their email address and register as a new customer. But if they already registered and just forget to log in, the system will automatically recognise their emails and they can checkout with their previously saved information in a single step.


2. Faster and better performance with a Magento upgrade

The Magento upgrade from version 1 to version 2 focused largely on one main area, performance improvements! With Google placing more emphasis on faster loading websites, it was imperative that any updates to Magento catered for faster load times. The new code base that Magento upgrade now uses provide page lads speed improvements of over 20% compared to Magento 1. This not only is great for customers, making it quicker to navigate through your website, but also from an SEO point-of-view this will help your page rankings.


Magento upgrade to 2 is capable of handing much larger product databases, making it more powerful, especially for website that grow. Additionally the Magento upgrade benefits from full-page caching, making pages load 1 to 2 seconds faster compared to non-cached pages.


3. Better admin area within Magento upgrade

With a Magento upgrade to version 2, the admin are has also seen huge improvements in terms of layout and speed. This in turn means managing and processing orders is more intuitive and user friendly. Making it easier for staff to be trained on using the back office. Additionally the admin area can be customised based on your needs plus enhanced product import tools.


4. Magento upgrade gives access enhanced extensions

Whilst extensions have always been a big part of Magento, it has previously been, to a certain extent, a bit like the wild Wild West. In as much that quality control was not in lace to ensure extensions didn’t conflict with core system features and or other extensions. The Magento upgrade has gone to great lengths to put in place quality control procedures, along with 3rd party extension developers requiring a review and approve process before becoming available on the Magento marketplace.

Additionally we ourselves go to great Lents to select only the most stable and well supported extensions. As with any system if you overload it with too many extension you still run a risk of conflict, we help manage this and will do what we can to minimise any technical impact.


5. Magento upgrade with Mobile responsive design

Responsive ecommerce website design ensures your website looks good no matter what the device is that views it, this covers mobile phones and tablet devices. With online purchases on ‘mobile devices’ now exceeding desktop computers the tide is turning to ensure your ecommerce website caters for mobile as importantly as desktop.


The Magento upgrades have seen massive improvements within the admin area, with touchscreen friendly features so you can easily manage your store from your smartphone or tablet device.


The customer experience has been improved to ensure your website looks good no matter what device the customer is using.


Additionally to the 5 points above on why your should be considering a Magento upgrade now, there have been security improvements and other developments to ensure the website stays compliant and secure. So if you have a Magento 1 and looking to do a a Magento upgrade, get in touch so we can discuss your requirements and help you take the next step to growing your ecommerce business.


Get in touch today so we can discuss your requirements in more detail.