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Official support for Magento 1 will cease by June 2020, you need to start planning your upgrade today, before you run out of time!

It takes time to plan and upgrade from Magento V1 to V2, you need to act now to ensure you remain compliant and secure.

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With less than 16 months to prepare, here are
10 Reasons to Upgrade to Magento 2 today

Magento 1 'end-of-life'

Official support for Magento 1 will cease by June 2020. Sites that remain on this platform will open themselves to greater risk and growing performance issues, resulting in decreasing traffic and sales. Without doubt Magento 1 stores will become more targeted for spam and cyber attacks. Don’t delay in making steps to keep your website compliant.

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Magento 2 is more secure

Increased risk of cyber attack means staying on-top of your security is crucial. As a responsible store owner, upgrading to Magento 2 will minimise your risk; SHA-256 hashing algorithms and measures against XSS attacks, along with 2 factor authentication and Google reCAPTCHA. Additionally running on PHP7.x ensures greater security and performance.

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Magento 2 product search

ElasticSearch helps to improve the speed and relevance of search results within your store. Based upon a faceted search technique which involves augmenting traditional search techniques with a faceted navigation system. Allowing users to narrow down the search results by applying multiple filters based on multiple filters classification of the items.

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Magento 2 is ‘Google’ friendly

In 2018 Googles’ algorithms changed to prioritise the mobile version of your website to decide on it’s ranking. Again this highlights the importance of ensuring your website performs well on mobile devices. Magento 2 is built for mobile, with faster page loads, and responsive designs both aiding in the user experience and your websites ranking.

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Magento 2 is 50% faster

Magento 2 outperforms previous Magento versions in every way. Its performance and scalability, combined with new functionality and powerful user tools provide unprecedented flexibility to create a streamlined shopping experience. Making your products easier and quicker to buy, resulting in a better customer experience.

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A streamlined checkout

The checkout experience has been greatly improved and streamlined reducing shopping cart abandonment. With ‘Instant purchase’ features, reducing checkout time by up to 90%. Guest checkout is available without user registration, automatic email recognition for returning shoppers and post purchase account creation.

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Magento 2 is better connected

API connectivity and 3rd party extensions have been greatly improved and become more stable. With Asynchronous WebAPI that improves the performance of integrations that require many API calls, such as a bulk product integration or customer import. With the addition of GraphQL API as an alternative to REST and SOAP APIs for more integration options, making Magento 2 better connected.

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Magento 2 admin

The administration area of Magento has been greatly improved. Focusing on responsive web design (RWD) mobile first approach. With a cleaner and faster loading interface that works just as well on mobile as it does on a desktop computer. Allowing you to manage your store on-the-go from any device in any location without limitations.

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Improved inventory tools

Older versions of Magento relied upon one inventory system, which made it difficult to manage multiple channel inventories from a single site. The new Magento MSI ( Multi source inventory) allows you to manage your products and stock levels from a more centralised admin area.

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With a Magento 2 upgrade you are ready for the continued growth of smartphones and tablets

Responsive design Putting Mobile First!

PWA Features

Progressive Web App (PWA) provides a reliable, super fast and engaging user expience, guaranteed to increase conversion rates

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Super Quick

With massive leaps forward in speed perfromance, using GraphQL, PHP7.2 and Cache-Management ACL. 

Built for mobile first

With over 54% of goods purchased online now via mobile. Magento 2 has been built for mobile users as a prioirty.

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Increased Sales

With super refined user experience, especially those on mobile, and a 90% increase in checkout times.

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Magento 2 Upgrades and Support by Liquidshop

Magento 2 upgrades by Liquidshop

We originally set out to develop our own ecommerce software called Liquidshop. Within the first five years we successfully launched over 100 stores.  As with any legacy system it was eventually  time to look at updating the code base to ensure we offered the best service to our clients. After much research, and with huge advancements in other ecommerce systems, we decided the best solution was to use the Magento platform as the basis of our future Liquidshop offering. 

We now have over 15 years experience, working for ambitious retailers from startups through to established multi-store businesses. Many of our clients have been with us for many years, a testament to the services we offer. We believe that having open access to ongoing Magento support & Magento training is a key factor in achieving ecommerce success. Which is why many of our clients make special mention of our Magento support services.