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Magento 2 Admin - Top 5 New Features

Magento 2 Admin - Top 5 New Features Magento 2 has seen many improvements within the administration area, some more notable than others. We explore just a handful of new Magneto 2 features that assure to improve your user experience. If like many, you are considering moving over from another platform and are concerned about learning a new administration area, then hopefully this can help alleviate any governs. Although if you are looking to move over to Magento 2, we recommend getting in touch and trying a Magento 2 demo. This way you can explore how easy the refined admin tools are and make your own mind up.

1. Magento 2 has a more user-Friendly Approach Magento 2 has seen complete facelift over it’s predecessor Magento 1. The design is more refined with simplified navigations tools. And from a design point-of-view they have played down all that orange! The admin within the admin allows control over creating a more unique admin experience for different team members. Additionally single user sign-on is no a thing, so only one admin account can be active at anyone time. This encourages each user to have a log in and protects your admin area from unauthorised logins.

2. Magento 2 is more mobile friendly The admin dashboard is now fully responsive and has touch-friendly navigation. This allows your shop admins to access and update the website on the move. Whether they are on mobile or tablet, on a train or on a plane. Administrating your Magento ecommerce store has never been easier. Even if not travelling or away form the office, being mobile friendly means you can be walking around the warehouse whilst checking and updating stock on the move.

3. Improved Product The product are has seen many updates and improvements, too many to list here. But as an overview improvements have been made to simplify adding products and streamline the management process. Common admin tasks have been improved, with any opportunity to take multiple clicks down into one click and for multiple selects to updated products on mass.

4. Magento 2 filters The M2 Filters are great for organising your results on the page, to look at a specific subset of products or orders. This data can be analysed and monitored to keep track of customer behaviour on your store. To save admin’s time, M2 has incorporated a new ‘Save View As’ feature to the ‘Views’ tab. This means users can save certain Filters and Column settings when looking at specific orders, products and their subsets 5. Magento Improved checkout and payment management Whilst the checkout process is really a ‘front’ end topic rather than a backend admin feature.

A noticeable change to Magento 2 is that guest customer orders can now be retrieved and shoppers now have the ability to create an account even though they initially selected guest checkout. Additionally Magento 2 has has worked more closely with Worldpay and Cybersource to really tighten up the payment protection features, along with Paypal and Braintree smoothly integrated.

If you are considering moving over form another platform, the prospect of learning a new Admin area to manage your store, we appreciate can be daunting. But we are here to help you every step of the way with class leading Magento support. Why not try our no obligation demo or give us a call to talk through your requirements.