Magento 2 is 50% faster

Faster Checkout pages means less cart abandonments

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Magento 2 has better page load speeds and is even more Google friendly.

With the help of advanced coding techniques and improved approaches to design implementation, Magento 2 is vastly superior to its predecessor Magento 1.

Extensive development has been done to the checkout pages within Magento 2, with reported loading speed of an increase of 50% which leads to a 38% faster checkout experience.

This is great news, especially when you consider a high percentage of customers are lost at the checkout stage. So with increased speed and more responsive design, the checkout process can handle 117% more orders compared to Magento 1x.

Also being built upon the latest version of server side scripting language PHP, this adds another level of not only security, but improved coding, therefore speed. With faster server response times, Magento 2 can process more queries to the database ensuring peaks in traffic can be handled far more efficiently.

As well as the user experience being improved with Magento 2, the well known Search engine Google will also favour your newer faster Magento store.As Google prioritise mobile versions of your website along with page load speeds, moving to Magento 2 can only enhance your page rankings and drive further traffic.