Magento 2 improved stock control

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Magento 2 has Improved Inventory tools

Older versions of Magento relied upon one inventory system, which made it difficult to manage multiple channel inventories from a single site. The new Magento MSI ( Multi source inventory) allows you to manage your products and stock levels from a more centralised admin area. You are able to create a product from the first screen with all the fields available, rather than having to drill down through multiple layers.

Obviously al the tools that were available within Magento 1 are still available, but many have been re-worked and fine tuned along with a smoother workflow and addition of new tools.


One really good addition is the Google content mapping feature that basically allows Google to crawl your Magento store more efficiently and for this to be index more optimally within there search indexes.


Within Magento 2, there are 2 main ways to manage stock, one being more general inventory settings that affects all products, the other is editing a product at a more individual level. This provides greater flexibility and ads more efficiency into manager or products within Magento 2.


With our Magento 2 demo, you can add product information and test the new design layout and streamlined controls. Experiment with features such as:


  • Assigning Product thresholds
  • Out-of-stock Threshold
  • Maximum quantity allowed within basket
  • Enable quantity increments Notification for low product quantity

One of the major updates to the Magento 2 inventory control is the ability to run multiple stores more efficiently, along with using multiple stock control sources.


Every ecommerce store is different so how these can be utilised is really down to your own requirements.


Single source merchants have a single location that manages on-hand inventory and fulfils orders. Typically, you have multiple websites (or sales channels) selling products from the same catalog, inventory, and location.


For example, you have one website or a multisite implementation with sites for UK, Germany, France, and USA all pulling products from one large warehouse. This single source manages all inventory quantities, shipments, and returns regardless of which sales channel receives the order.


Multi Source merchants have one website or a multisite implementation and manage on-hand inventory and fulfilling orders through multiple locations. This is called multi-sourcing.


Whether your requirments are straight forward or you have more complex admin needs, Magento 2 ecommerce has it ocvered. Along with our Magento support, you can be sure that we can help take your online store to the next level. Why not try a no-obligation Magento 2 demo to try out hese fantastic new features for yourself.