Magento Version 1 reaches end-of-life

Official support for Magento 1 will cease by June 2020

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Magento 1 'end-of-life'

Official support for Magento v.1 ecommerce software will cease in June 2020. Websites that remain on the platform after this date will receive no further security updates from Magento, making them far more difficult to maintain. Without doubt, Magento v.1 stores will become easier targets for spam and cyber attacks as a lack of security patches exposes a growing number of vulnerabilities. Ultimately, stores remaining on Magento v.1 will suffer from decreasing visitor traffic and sales volumes.

Magento is a very powerful commerce platform, and a significant contribution to this is the vast number of extensions available, adding vital functionality that is built into many of the websites using the platform. As the core system is reaching end of life, so the extension developers have switched their attention to building and supporting functionality for Magento v.2. New functionality for v.1 is not being created and so any website that remains on the platform cannot be further developed without the significant expense attached to ongoing bespoke development work.

Any installed extensions also require the same attention to security patching as the core system, and the presence of out-of-date extensions within the system will add to the security vulnerabilities of any website that remains using Magento v.1.

Upgrading your website from Magento v.1 to v.2 is the smart move but it will take a while to plan and implement. Now is the time to be taking steps to ensure your website remains secure, functioning at its optimum performance and compliant with data protection regulations by moving to Magento v.2