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Magento Extensions There are literally 1000’s of Magento extensions supported in their own right but either individuals or much larger businesses employing a large team of skilled Magento developers.

So choosing a Magento extension is potentially a tricky process. Who do you entrust to provide the best most stable solution for your website. Well, here at Liquidshop we have done the research for you and we only work with extensions where we know the support and stability is tried and tested.

This has a very big positive to you and your Magento 2 store, this means the extensions we offer minimise any negative impact on your Magento sure performance and we know both we can support the extension plus we know we have support of the Magento extension developer themselves.

This doesn’t mean that we have only chosen just a handful of extensions. In fact we have over 60 Magento extensions and have partnered with the top Magneto extension developers to ensure your Magento 2 store gives you the tools to maximise your online sales.

We have partnered with the following Magento 2 extension developers;

Amasty - With over 120 extensions available within he market place, we have cherry picked the very best to ensure compatibility, stability and supportability for your Magento store. Some extensions worthy of mention such as: Promotional banners, Product Quick Views, Order Exports, Gift Cards and GDPR management.

Wyomind - with over 30 extensions within the Magento market place, they provide high quality stable solutions. We specifically chose them for their Countdown timer extensions and Google Trusted reviews extensions to name but a few.

Xtento - Winner of Extension of the year in 2017 and over 20 extensions in the Magento Market place, they provide well supported and stable Magento extensions. We chose them for their slick Cron automator and Tracking imports.

Entrust us to choose the best extensions available; that provide great functionality but importantly stability, along with the class leading performance of Magento 2 ecommerce. Please note - some extensions are only available within our Enterprise level solution, please contact us for further information.