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An improved checkout process that ensures increased sales

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An improved Magento 2 checkout process

If you are running a Magento ecommerce store or perhaps another ecommerce platform and are looking to migrate to Magento 2. The checkout process is a crucial part of the purchase process. So simplifying this and giving your customers a smooth, quick checkout process will certainly help provide a great shopping experience. Which will encourage your customers to shop again. So it is important that obstacles are removed, and that the check-out process focuses on the task of securing conversions.

We have listed below 4 main points you need to concsider for your Magento ecommerce store.

1) Forcing Customers to register Avoiding things like mandatory registration is a big step towards giving your customers a quicker checkout experience. You may feel this is a step backwards in securing a customer as you are not storing their details, but in reality you are capturing the same information; as you need this to fulfil the order. The main key change is that instead of asking them to create an account at the start of the process, you can offer this as an option at the end. Keep it non-compulsory and even follow it up after the goods have been delivered, it never hurts to remind them of who you are. Some people just don’t like to create accounts, they feel they are giving something of themselves away, but a softy softly approach can win them over in the end.

2. Simplify user flow with Magento Commerce checkout Improving the navigation of your Magento ecommerce store can improve the site’s conversion rate by as much as 20%. Much of this has already been taking into account by the main Magneto structure. We aid this by clever design, to ensure the user experience is smooth. We recommend avoiding pop-up banners or anything to start distracting the customer form making a purchase.

3. Keep it clear and concise We recommend making sure you give clear directions and calls to action at every stage of the checkout process. Magento 2 again, has done a lot of the work for you and our design experience ensures we keep the user flow as clean and constant as possible. Making sure wording and layout is clear and concise.

4. Order Confirmation Once an order has been placed, most systems will send an email confirmation, Magento 2 ecommerce is no exception. This is common practice and gives an ideal chance to up-sell or cross-sell. Encouraging the customer to return with perhaps a discount voucher. If you current website is putting obstacles between you and your customers, then perhaps it is time for a change.

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