Magento 2 responsive design

Mobile is expected to account for over 54% of all online sales by the end of 2020

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Magento 2 is more responsive than ever

Mobile is expected to account for over 54% of all online sales by the end of 2020. Offering your customers a friendly, easy-to-use mobile shopping experience has never been so important. Magneto 2 is more responsive than ever and, along with Progressive Web Apps, will dramatically improve conversion rates and increase revenue.

Magento 2 designed for Mobile Responsiveness

Magento 2 was originally designed to be responsive irrespective of the device used to view the website. By default, its UI gets easily adjusted to any screens, while themes are applicable to any sizes and resolutions due to the “mobile first” approach. The essence of the approach implies that the development of new themes starts with making themes fit small screens. Additionally, these themes do not only offer the improved mobile responsiveness, but they also add a bunch of specific mobile features. Being mobile-friendly, Magento 2 contributes to higher ranking of your website in the search engines, since Google now evaluates the mobile site version first.

Better Caching with Magento 2

Magento 2 makes use of the advanced caching capabilities, which is a real Godsend for users. This option has previously been available only in the Enterprise Edition. From now on, it is offered to all Magento 2 users, irrespective of the level. Combined with Varnish full cache support, this feature makes it possible to ensure great eCommerce website performance even in those situations, when connectivity problems put the mobile browsing experience of users at risk.

More Reliable Magento 2 APIs

The effectiveness of a mobile eCommerce website depends upon the way all services are interconnected. The easier this is done – the more efficient the web creation process will be. As far as Magento 2 is concerned, the modular approach to interface development simplifies the connection between the internal and external service modules.

Magento 2 Management enhancements

When it comes to eCommerce website management, Magento 2 features come into play as well. The new dashboard and enhanced checkout options, provides website owners with many advantages.

The dashboard is much simplified in Magento 2, and it is also possible to access it from any mobile device to be able to manage and control your online store on the go.